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Historical Sites Of Newport Beach

All along Newport Beach there are several historic sites that are worth checking out. Many of them were around back in the early 1900's, which is great to see for anyone who wants to see what the past was like or to learn more about the history behind Newport Beach.

Balboa Pavilion Located at 400 Main Street, the Balboa Pavilion is the first landmark for Newport Beach. Built in 1905, the pavilion was the end of the line for the Red Car of the Pacific Electric. Now days, the Balboa Pavilion hosts a variety of shops, a chartering company, and even a restaurant.

McFadden's Wharf Completed in 1889, the wharf began the decade for Newport as a shipping port. Built by James and Robert McFadden, the wharf was a great way to ship lumber from Northern California to those who settled here.

Old Landing The Old Landing is located at Highway 101 & Dover Drive. Established in 1870, the Old Landing was designated to be a new port by the McFaddens, who went on to establish a shipping service in the area of Newort. Now, there's a bridge and highway on an area of teh site. The remaining area of the Old Landing is vacant.

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